The Museum of Health and Archives (MHAA)
is envisaged as an autonomous body governed by a Board of Trustees and
permanent professional staff including a director and curator.


MHA will be run by a director, who has a curatorial staff that cares
for the objects and arranges their display. The director reports to theBoard of


The museum curator is responsible for the acquisition and
care of objects. He will make decisions regarding what objects to collect,
oversee their care and documentation, conduct research based on the collection,
and share that research with the public and scholarly community through
exhibitions and publications.


MHAwill have a research division, which is involved with
studies related to the museum’s items, as well as an education department, in
charge of providing interpretation of the materials to the public.


Objects come to the collection through a variety of means. The
museum itself will organize expeditions to acquire items or documents for the
museum. It will also purchase artifacts or receive them as donations or